Project Management in FocusApril, 2007

プロジェクトマネジメントの現場 日建設計    FACT NIKKEN SEKKEI11Goeido (''Founder’s Hall'') is one of the world's largest wooden structures and is among the most symbolically important temples within the Shinshu Otani-ha Higashi Honganji Temple complex. Ravaged by re four times since its original construction in 1602, the current structure was rebuilt in 1895 by Heizaemon Ito. An architect as well as a carpenter, he also took on the role of project manager. To preserve this outstanding achievement for the future, the restoration of Goeido is currently underway and is scheduled to be completed in 2008.Prying open the black box of restorationThe Goeido restoration project probably represents the rst time that a comprehensive design company such as Nikken Sekkei (rather than a public ofce or a specialized design administration associa-tion) has been appointed to conduct the restoration of a priceless Japanese cultural asset. The project involves an array of complex issues and uncertainties where today’s advanced technology can be utilized. The endeavor called for a management expert with the ability to take into account both the changes in social environment and the project’s overall progress while at the same time promoting it in a way that satises the client. In addition, because this par-ticular project has been nanced by donations from over 1.3 mil-lion households, exceptionally high levels of quality, efciency, and transparency would be required at all stages.Broadly speaking, the restoration project comprises two basic types of work. The rst involves highly specialized efforts relating to areas such as roof tiles, woodwork, metal garnish, and Japanese lacquer. Such processes can only be carried out by experts who are in the same league as those designated as ''living national treasures.'' The other type of work relates to improvements and repairs that make use of advanced contemporary technologies, such as those for structural and seismic reinforcement and equipment repairs. Nikken Sekkei was required to manage both aspects of the undertaking in an adequate and efcient manner, all the while steadily maintain-ing a tight schedule and keeping expenses at reasonable levels.工事開始前の御影堂東側正面全景。広角レンズでも全体を収めることが難しい。East side of Goeido prior to restoration.The massive structure is difcult to capture, even with the use of a wide-angle lens.鉄骨を柱の中に入れて、強化する。鉄骨は将来の解体修理の際、取り外し、本来の姿に復旧する方針である。Pillars have been reinforced by steel.and columns were assembled in an era with no heavy construction equipment.プロジェクトタイプ 文化財修復キーワード     伝統技術の保持と先端技術の導入 分離発注 中立性の維持 最高議決機関・専門委員会の設置 試作・検証実験