Project Management in FocusApril, 2007

プロジェクトマネジメントの現場 日建設計    FACT NIKKEN SEKKEI15完成した素屋根。景観への配慮と共に自然換気、自然採光、雨水利用など省エネルギーを目指した仮設設計。The design of the temporary structure focused on harmony with the surrounding landscape, natural ventilation and lighting, and utilization of rainwater.京都大学防災研究所を中心とした耐震調査研究委員会による人工的に地震を再現する振動台での実験。得られたデータは耐震設計に応用される。Data from this shaking table test (conducted by the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto Uni-versity) was applied to seismic design.完成した明るい素屋根内部。昼間はほとんど人工照明に頼らずに済む。No articial daytime illumination is necessary beneath the temporary structure, which allows for abundant natural lighting.Project Type Restoration of cultural asset Keywords Retaining traditional techniques and implementing advanced engineering, Split ordering, Maintaining neutrality, Establishing a supreme decision-making body and expert panel, Creating prototypes and conducting verication experiments