Project Management in FocusApril, 2007

プロジェクトマネジメントの現場 日建設計    FACT NIKKEN SEKKEI35Performance reports verify reductionsSince the completion of the project, administrators from each building have held regular meetings to review operational and en-vironmental management issues. Data from BEMS are used for op-eration improvement and to prepare reports that are regularly pre-sented to governmental ofces, while yearly performance reports document Harumi Island Triton Square's continued environmental improvements. Building commissioning carried out in the three years after project completion has confirmed DHC performance and promoted further efciency.Running costs reduced by energy managementEffective environmental management involves both "hardware" and "software" approaches, so to speak. A "hardware" initiative might concern the structuring of a highly efcient community-wide energy system, for example, while a "software" endeavor might explore new ways of using this physical system to further cut costs and reduce environmental burdens. In general society, projects exhibiting truly rst-class environmental and energy management remain quite rare, and the importance of energy management is being recognized. With its implementation, deviations from de-signed performance can be reduced, which lowers running costs.In addition to the above, one goal for the future is to widen the scope of energy management, going beyond a focus on individual projects to encompass entire communities. Relevant timeframes should also expand, with long-term "lifecycle management" pro-viding a shared vision for particular buildings and the towns and cities that surround them. Akira OkagakiProject Type Community-wide energy managementKeywords Building commissioning, Application of BEMS, Establishing a company for community-related management Environmental management review meeting「花のテラス」と「水のテラス」。低層部に施された多くの植栽は、この区域の特徴でもあり、安らぎをもたらしている。The "ower terrace" and "water terrace" are pictured here. The abundant greenery planted in the lower tier area gives the community a distinctive character and provides a comforting atmosphere.