The large platform over the rail lines is known as the Daiya Deck. It has an area for watching the trains that come and go at Ikebukuro Station. Benches are placed under the overhang of the building, providing space for relaxation and shelter from the rain and heat of summer. The deck can also func-tion as a temporary emergency haven for those stranded in the city. In addition, the pedestrian network from Ikebukuro station to the Minami-ikebukuro area will be enhanced when the Ikebukuro Station East-West passageway, currently being planned by Toshima Ward, is connected to Daiya Deck. Standing boldly astride our major railway hub, we believe that DaiyaGate Ikebukuro will be an urban attraction to gen-erate activity and commercial opportunity. We are very grate-ful to all those who contributed to this project.DaiyaGate Ikebukuro is a 100-meter tall high-rise building that straddles the railroad. An office building designed with a symbolic exterior and built with a deck overlooking the railway to serve as an urban gathering place, it is destined to become a new Ikebukuro landmark. “Straddling” is the concept that runs through the entire project. First, by straddling the railroad, it was possible to create offices with a typical floor plate of 2,100m2, the largest in the Ikebukuro area. Next, in order to achieve the necessary straddling span, sturdy V-shaped columns were adopted for the building’s podium. Then, in order to achieve column-less office floors over the intermediate seismic isolation layer an external braced frame was adopted creating a symbolic facade reminiscent of a rail network diagram.西武鉄道池袋駅ホーム南端より、延伸中のデッキを望む。東西連絡通路へと接続予定。View from south end of the Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Station platform. Deck extending inside, pending connection to the future east-west connecting passageway.072019 SUMMER39SPOTLIGHT

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