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Established as the Sumitomo Bank Head Office Building Temporary Construction Department

We began by mastering Western-style architectural technology. This pursuit of technology soon became our basic stance. In addition, from the very first projects of the company's founding, environmentally friendly designs featuring natural lighting and longevity have been incorporated.

We are a professional services firm that combines the diverse expertise of architects, engineers, planners, and other experts.

Building design &
construction contract administration

Urban design

Surveys, planning,
and consulting for architecture
and urban design

Japan’s largest architectural design firm

Net revenue

billion yen

(2022 results)

Number of employees


(As of April 2023)

Offices in Japan


(As of April 2023)

Number of licensed professionals employed

in the world

(Source: Building Design magazine World Architecture 100 survey, 2022)


Nikken Group Philosophy

We contribute to society through work that offers true value.
Through this core objective, we grow as individuals and develop as a worthy company.

Brand Tagline


Integrating accumulated proficiency to deliver rich experiences.


More than creative
Dynamic and Immutable
Impartiality and neutrality


Contributing to society through environmentally conscious designs
for buildings and the global urban environment

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are needed on a global scale. Nikken Sekkei aims to demonstrate its expertise and experience in urban and architectural design and engineering on the global stage.

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We have won many awards in Japan and abroad

Architecture awards for
projects in the past 5 years

More than 1 in 10 projects are by Nikken Sekkei

Selected Architectural Designs, Architectural Institute of Japan
(100 projects selected every year)

projects selected from 2016 to 2022

JIA Architects of the Year, The Japan Institute of Architects
(100 projects selected every year)

projects selected from 2016 to 2022

Winner at the World Architecture Festival, a global showcase of architectural projects


Ariake Gymnastics Centre


Kokugakuin University Learning Center


Shanghai Greenland Center


CO-OP Kyosai Plaza


Toho Gakuen School of Music, Chofu Campus, Building No. 1

First in Japan to be shortlisted for the RIBA (Royal Institute for British Architects) International Award


Policy for Human Resources Development

Nikken Sekkei Nurtures People

Nikken Sekkei employs large numbers of architects, designers, engineers, planners, and consultants who are proud professionals in their respective fields of expertise. To remain a first-class expert, it is essential for each individual to work hard and improve themselves on a daily basis. However, the support and understanding of colleagues is also essential for personal growth. Nikken Sekkei has established a process whereby employees support each other’s growth and where human resources development is understood to be based on three perspectives: people, work and training.

Nurtured by People

At the most fundamental level of human resource development, employee teaching, supervision, and emotional support is carried out through friendly competition and communication with senior members, line managers, colleagues, and junior members of the organization. Job rotation is conducted with the aim of expanding personal human networks.

Nurtured by Work

Daily work will challenge employees to take on tasks a step above their current skill level and/or tasks in related areas, and to grow by overcoming challenges. Interacting with our clients also provides opportunities to grow. We implement job rotation with the aim of expanding opportunities for career-building.

Nurtured by Training

We offer company-wide training based on employee position and the year of hire, as well as department-specific specialized technical training. Our selection of more than 170 courses offers opportunities to grow by acquiring expertise and knowhow in a timely and effective manner that is appropriate to one’s level of expertise. We also facilitate training at other departments to nurture experts with multifaceted perspectives.

Career progress after joining company


Health Policy

Being a Healthy Company

Being healthy is the starting point for work that offers true value

2023 Health Management Statement

At Nikken Sekkei, people are our assets. The health of each individual employee is very important to realize our group philosophy of “contributing to society through work that offers true value”. As stated in our health policy, we do all we can to support individuals to maintain their health and to create a safe working environment. The activities to maintain and improve health listed in “Health Design 2021–25” will be implemented from a health management perspective to improve the vitality of individuals and the company. In addition to promoting the annual health design policy formulated in 2021, we plan to focus on the following areas this year.

(1) Thorough follow-up screenings to prevent severe illness such as heart or brain disease
(2) Provide opportunities for exercise for people with diverse workstyles
(3) Enhance mental health care measures according to diverse workstyles