CEO Message

President and CEO
Nikken Sekkei Ltd

Atsushi Omatsu

We contribute to society through work that offers true value.

The virus pandemic that began in late 2019 has laid bare social issues caused by disparities and divisions in society. In the rapidly changing society of the future, it will be important to resolve social issues by being open to crossing boundaries, bridging divides, understanding complementary relationships, and by altruism.

There is literally a mountain of social issues where we can make contributions: building awareness of global climate change and a recycling-oriented society, energy and traffic management, everyday safety and security, preservation of heritage assets, the welfare environment for persons with health issues, conserving and connecting water and greenery to set the mind and body at ease, and many more. Combining outstanding urban and architectural design with appropriate management structures while aiming to collectively find solutions to these issues is surely work that offers true value.

Since its founding in 1900, Nikken Sekkei has delivered on many highly acclaimed projects. Our track record of creating added value by linking multiple stakeholders has also been widely recognized. Nikken Sekkei’s vision is to contribute to society as a social and environmental design platform by expanding the context for resolving social issues. Nikken Sekkei’s platform is the place to allow one’s potential to shine as we work toward finding solutions to social issues.